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Introduction to InMAT

Welcome to InMAT, Inspire Multi Academy Trust which is where like-minded schools can join together to harness the richness of diverse learning communities for the benefit of all pupils.

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InMAT Inspire Multi Academy Trust

Unit 2,
Swan Court,
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Telephone: 01604 434600

InMAT Governance

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Message From The Chair Of Governors

I have been a member of the governing body since 23rd November 2015. My background is in education. I was a Headteacher of a local primary school for 26 years. I left the school in July 2014, and now work as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Northampton, working with students who are training to be teachers.

I am pleased to be involved with the Abbey Primary School. When I spend time in the school I am impressed with the hardworking and dedicated adults, the excellent behaviour of the children and how hard they work in their lessons.

I feel honoured to have been chosen to be Chair of Governors, and I look forward to working with the Senior Leadership Team as we work towards taking our school from Good to Outstanding.

Mr Duncan McAlpine
Chair of Governors
The Abbey Primary School

If you wish to contact Mr McAlpine, please call the school office on 01604 660100.
Further information on InMAT Trust Governance can be found at InMAT Governance.

Details of the Local Academy Committee are as follows:

Name and Type of Governor Area of Responsibility Committee First Appointed Current term ends Appointed by Declared Interests Attendance at Full LAC Meetings 2020/2021

Attendance at TLO Meetings 2020/2021

Mr Duncan McAlpine
Co-opted Governor
Chair of Governors
English Lead Governor
PP Lead Governor
TLO 25/04/2019 24/04/2023 LAC None declared 100% 100%
Mr Aklis Rahman
Parent Governor
Vice-Chair of Governors
EYFS Link Governor
TLO 24/02/2021 23/02/2025 Parents
Parent of a pupil in school 57% 100%
Mrs Caroline Farmer
Headteacher TLO 01/01/2020 31/12/2023 Staff Related to pupil and staff member in school 100% 100%
Miss Lucy Crawford
Staff Governor
Mrs Sarah Alexander
Co-opted Governor
Year 4 Link
  25/04/2019 24/04/2023 LAC None declared 100% N/A
Mr Stuart Coe
Co-opted Governor
Health and Safety Lead
Year 2 Link
  25/04/2019 24/04/2023 LAC None declared 100% N/A
Mrs Sarah Cave
Co-opted Governor
Maths Lead
Chair of TLO committee
TLO 08/10/2019 07/10/2023 LAC Works for UoN - The Abbey Primary is a partnership school 86% 100%
Mr James Farquhar
Associate Governor
Sports grant lead
Year 6 Link
  08/10/2019 07/10/2023 LAC None declared 71% N/A
Mrs Natalie Owen
Staff Governor
Staff TLO 08/10/2019 07/10/2023 Staff None declared 100% 100%
Mrs Anne Rose
Associate Governor
Safeguarding Lead Governor   26/11/2019 25/11/2023 LAC None declared 86% N/A
Miss Sam Collins
Parent Governor
    24/02/2021 23/02/2015 Parents Parent of a pupil in school 100% N/A
Mrs Becky Finch
Clerk to the Governing Body
          Employed by 3 other Local Academy Committees.
Employed by an InMAT school.