Our Curriculum Vision 

At The Abbey Primary School, our purpose is to support every individual child through positive connections, making every opportunity to develop their academic and character development.  

At the beginning of their reading and maths journey, we inspire our children to build reading skills through establishing key reading knowledge to strive for all children to have a love of literature and imaginative story telling. We recognise learning to read is the most important thing children will learn at our school. Everything else depends on it, so our priority is to ensure that every single child learns to read fluently, with understanding, as early as possible. We aim to build confident, skilful mathematicians who are curious and ask questions, have the ability to calculate flexibly and to reason using accurate mathematical vocabulary. 

We endeavour to deliver an inspiring and varied curriculum to our children. Our curriculum provides a strong foundation with clear progression of substantive knowledge and disciplinary skills which are built on from Early Years to Year 6. Immersive, hands-on experiences ignite a love of learning and knowledge organisers are used to ensure the foundations of learning are built upon.    

Throughout their learning journey, our vision is for them to leave us with an enriched knowledge of the world around them, alongside developing curiosity, creativity and independence, preparing them for their next stage of education.  We strive to encourage children to be all they can be, stay true to themselves and celebrate their successes.  

The Abbey Primary School is built upon the fundamentals of our core values: aspiration, wisdom, courage, respect, compassion, self-respect, justice and responsibility.  These values are strongly embedded for children to carry into their future lives. Children are taught to appreciate the uniqueness of their community and the diversity beyond it. We develop our children’s understanding of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance to prepare them for their lives as a citizen in the 21st century. 

To find out more about our curriculum, please speak to a member of staff.