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Our Core Values

The eight key ingredients that make up the perfect member of our school. Aspiration, compassion, wisdom, respect, courage, justice, self-respect and responsibility.

Our Community Code

"Be caring and kind, honest and helpful, thoughtful and fair and be your best". This Code is designed to promote our eight Core Values.

Creative Curriculum

Our teachers plan a series of topic based approaches to learning. These are designed to engage and stimulate all learners, and progressively develop their knowledge and skills.

PSHE Being Me

PSHE Being Me is designed to support all learners with the fundamental skills needed for education, work and life.

Our Curriculum Intent Block

 Our Curriculum Intent

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31 Oct
Deadline for Secondary School applications
Date 31, Oct 2020 5:00 pm - 5:00 pm
2 Nov
Training Day
02, Nov 2020
3 Nov
4 Nov

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